1962 Casper Wyoming

Doing some snooping on my computer today and remembered this gem of a picture. It was Christmas 1962 in Casper Wyoming. Dr. and Mrs. Chet Boudreaux. My Mawmaw was a hairdresser and my Pawpaw was in college to be an Optometrist mawmaw-and-pawpaw-christmas 


Santa is coming to town…

santa-002We are getting ready for a Cold Snap here in South Georgia. We have been enjoying our firepit. Watching the fire is so relaxing. Thought I’d enclose some forgotten treasures that I passed on this week while I was thrifting , it was one of three different poses…. Wow !!img_59381

img_58831Some of my favorite things. I have been collecting ceramic Christmas trees for several years. I found the turquoise star  on the white one from Michaels just last week. The pink tree is plastic and I spray painted it pink. The top photo has my favorite Nativity scene that is cardboard. The nativity to the left was bought about 30 years ago from an ABC catalog and the one to the right I got about ten years ago from Target. It is a tri-fold which is cool …….